Best in Snow! The 1896 Ulster…and flannels…

Best in Snow!  The 1896 Ulster...and flannels...

Showing off my new 1896 Ulster last March…and the flannels underneath it! With thanks to the eternally patient Gregorio for the photo session, this is possibly the best series of photos in Laura garb to date. Of course, all that wonderful Laura garb is the product of the superbly talented Laurie, who deserves the highest of praise for the fantastic design and reproduction of so many period pieces. The Ulster takes my interpretation a giant leap forward, by offering yet another insight into the weight, scale, restrictiveness, functionality, and sometimes cumbersome nature of 1890s clothing.

6 comments on “Best in Snow! The 1896 Ulster…and flannels…

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Fabulous thick scarf.


    • Melanie S. says:

      Thank you! The scarf was hand-made by a woman who works at the Little House on the Prairie Museum near Independence, Kansas…on the exact site where the Ingalls family lived/illegally squatted in 1869-70.

      I had to wash the scarf recently and made the mistake of trusting a washing machine instead of doing it by hand. Silly me. It was tangled on the agitator and is a bit worse for the wear. Lesson learned! But, at least I know exactly where to get another one just like it…


  2. Melanie S. says:

    There are one or two outer pieces which can stand the washing machine, and the olive green twill skirt you see in this photo is one of them. The twill is heavy enough that it can be washed as easily as a pair of cotton chino trousers, and it is quite easy to iron, so it is a great traveling piece. I will further admit that my petticoats, combination underwear, corset cover (though NEVER the corset itself!) and stockings all go in the machine, too, when I am fortunate enough to be near one. On the road, however, I have spent many hours hand-washing stockings and underwear in the hotel sink…


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