Let’s have another Card Shower for Burr Oak Museum

Let’s spread the love and show some support to the hardworking folks at Burr Oak. My friend and fellow Laura historian Sarah Utoff suggested a “card shower” of donations to help this very significant, but sometimes overlooked, homesite museum, back in 2011 and has recently renewed the call. The tiny town of Burr Oak, Iowa is a former home of the Ingalls family, where they helped to manage the Burr Oak House or “Masters Hotel.” Laura’s baby sister Grace was born during the time the family lived in Burr Oak (although the were no longer living in the hotel when she was born), and Mary and Laura attended school in town.
The museum offers a tour of the restored hotel, which features many period artifacts, and also gives directions for a self-guided walking tour about town so that visitors may see the locations which Wilder described in her Pioneer Girl manuscript.
Please show your love for Laura with whatever size gift your budget will allow. Memberships are available at very reasonable rates, and support the ongoing costs of maintenance, repairs, special events such as the annual Laura Days celebrations, and the day-to-day costs of utilities and administrative tasks. Like so many small museums, their funding comes from private donations, so resources have been tight over the last many years as the entire U.S. has struggled with the recession and slow recovery. Even just a few dollars makes a difference to small non-profits, so, if you can, please consider making a donation today.

Sarah's Notebook

Masters Hotel Masters Hotel

The story of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museums is one of grass root efforts. Small towns scattered across the Midwest decided they had to have something for the fans who came to visit them to see and slowly developed museums almost everywhere Laura and her family lived. Among the many methods of raising the initial funding for theses museums were Pennies for Laura campaigns where school children collected and sent in pennies toward getting the museums built. One of the museums these programs, which helped restore is the only original childhood home of Laura in its original location, is in Iowa.

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Park and Museum is located in the small, northeast Iowa town of Burr Oak, Iowa. The Masters Hotel where the Ingalls family lived and worked has been restored. The bank building that first alerted Wilder’s daughter Rose Wilder Lane that she had finally found where…

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