CONTACT: Meet Laura! Follow the adventures of Melanie Stringer, Historian and Interpreter, Meet Laura Ingalls Wilder, LLC and Dakota Yankee Research.

Dugout homesite along the real Banks of Plum Creek, just north of Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Follow the adventures of Melanie Stringer, Historian, Interpreter and Owner, Meet Laura Ingalls Wilder, LLC and Dakota Yankee Research.

Welcome to the WordPress home of Melanie Stringer, historian and owner/operator of  Dakota Yankee Research and Meet Laura Ingalls Wilder, LLC, a first-person, interactive history programming experience featuring presentations in the persona of beloved author Laura Ingalls Wilder, circa 1900. Melanie presents the real person behind the stories–Laura, as she might have been, as a young farm wife and mother.

Melanie travels extensively across the U.S. for the dual purposes of presenting these and other educational programs while conducting extensive research into the lives and experiences of the Ingalls and Wilder families.  She is particularly occupied with exploring Laura’s ancestral connections within New England, and is currently working on her first book, Folks Back East: Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Ancestors in New England, which will be a detailed survey of her Ingalls-Wilder findings. Possibly extending to 3 volumes, the first volume is slated for publication in 2022…all rights reserved, of course!

Kansas Doorstep 26 July 2011 DETAIL

Melanie, taking a little rest on the doorstep of the replica cabin at the Little House on the Prairie Museum, located at the historic site where the Charles P. Ingalls family lived (albeit illegally) in 1869-70, near Independence, Kansas.


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